it feels good to be good

Thank you Ruben for your words of inspiration!

Recently our team has been involved in a project that as simple as it may seem, is not.

Happiness Project 2011, began in mid March, with the intent to make us, as managers, more aware of our thoughts, words and consequently, our actions.
Our end goal was to create the ultimate work environment for us and our staff, which in turn would, has and will continue to result in many memorable experiences for our guests.
It was not a simple task as I said earlier. Dropping all your faulty perceptions of each other, letting your walls down and showcasing your vulnerability to your co- workers is not on anyone’s agenda when they leave the house. And should it be? If you asked me a month ago, I would have to go with the everyday M.O. of doing my job and basically try and separate work from home. As a wiseman once said, if we are spending most of our lives in the restaurants that we manage, or at work in general, it only makes sense that we get to know each other on as many levels as we each feel comfortable with. And so it was! We embarked on this journey of self- discovery and self- disarmament. If you think gold gives you the best ‘bang’ for your buck, you’re right, but if you want your team to grow, investing in a project like ours is the perfect catalyst for unheard of  dividends.
Like any ball, it took a few kicks for it to get rolling, but once it passed that first snowbank, it hasn’t stopped!
I don’t mean that we are constantly telling our life stories. Some are, some aren’t. To each their own. However what has truly developed in our team, was that we started living the ever so common cliches, “One team, one dream!”, “Yes is the answer. What’s the question?”. We actually started living these! That on it’s own has to speak volumes for what has been unleashed and what is happening where we work.
Give it a shot. You might like it!
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1 Response to “it feels good to be good”

  1. 1 Shaq
    April 18, 2011 at 11:04 PM

    Good One Topoperator………Really liked the summary !


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“Big shots are just little shots that keep shooting”

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